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International Admissions Staff

Find Your International Admissions Advisor

The Undergraduate Admissions staff at OHIO is prepared to assist you through the college application process as an international student. Our staff works with all undergraduate international students, including those living within the United States. Please feel free to contact them by phone or e-mail.

To better assist in your college search, many of your inquiries may be answered by reviewing the links below:


Vicki Seefeldt West
Vicki Seefeldt West
Associate Director for International Admissions
Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia
Caitlyn Gampp
Caitlyn Gampp
Assistant Director for International Admissions
Asia (Central, Western, East, Southeast), China, Europe, Middle East/North Africa, Mexico, Latin America, South America, Caribbean, Oceania
Headshot for Prathamesh Paingankar
Prathamesh Paingankar
Country Manager
+91 86575 80053