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School of Theater: Originality, rewritten.

School of Theater

Bold Artists Thriving Together

Ohio University’s School of Theater is built around experience, where committed faculty artist mentors encourage the exploration and tenacity that develops bold artists with unique voices. To truly thrive in the theater, one must explore the space, take risks while simultaneously feeling safe, and immerse oneself in the art that happens in front of the curtain and the operations behind it.

Fringe Festival

Fringe Festival 2024

The 2023/2024 season will present the first ever School of Theater Fringe Festival. For more information, click the button below. 

Admission is free and on a first-come basis. There will be someone in Kantner Hall 5-9PM nightly to help provide information to attendees. 


Colette Alfonso, Mariah Berryman, Nathanial Maciag, Beatrice Feldbush, Lauren Janoschka, and Cam Smith

Producing Mentor:
Roberto Di Donato

Tech Advisory Producer:
Quentin Kurtz

Join the School of Theater

Ohio University's School of Theater is committed to the development of the highest quality theater artists and scholars. Through acts of storytelling and performance, we support student-forward original work which uses art to frame our contemporary experience and envision a more collaborative, diverse, and equitable theater community of the future. We provide space for artists to take risks. Together, we build bridges between educational and professional communities.  


Visiting Artists & Scholars

From professional actors to international musicians to award-winning filmmakers, our visiting artists and scholars offer collaborative, hands-on experiences for our students.

Recent Visiting Artists & Scholars

Student Testimonial

I’ve always taken great pride in considering myself fiercely independent, but the more I reflect the more I realize my time at OU has been defined by the wealth of collaborative spirits and opportunities I’ve found here. Whether it’s been in my work onstage as an actress, behind the scenes as a music director, or virtually through my position as the Assistant Audition coordinator for the School of Theater, the work I have cherished the most have been when I’ve struck a connection to someone new. Regardless of the challenges I’ve experienced, I’m so grateful for the mentors and friends I’ve found who also decided to come to this little town in Ohio and stuck with me through it all. - Lauren Janoschka

Lauren Janoschka

Student Testimonial

I am very grateful for the opportunities that the Ohio University School of Theater has provided for me.  From being an actor-musician in Tantrum Theater's Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812, to directing my own self-written play as a lab show, to stretching myself as an actor through Meisner training with David Haugen, my experience here has been truly transformative.  This program has not only given me the skills to have a career in theater, but also the drive to pursue my dreams and create my own work. Lily Boulard

Lily Boulard

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