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Do you need it? A Guide for what to bring with you to campus

Published: July 23, 2021 Author: Staff reports

Preparing to go off to college can seem like a daunting task. Packing can be stressful and confusing. Before getting started, you should know every square inch of your room is valuable real estate. Don't be surprised if there's not much space for your everyday things, and not to mention the items you don't need. We’ve got you—now you can breathe easier with this handy packing list, including what NOT to bring to campus:



  1. Reusable water bottle
  2. Keurig or coffee maker
  3. Comfortable walking shoes

Daily Needs

  1. Shower caddy, shower shoes, towels, and wash cloths
  2. Twin XL sheets, bedding, mattress pad, and pillow
  3. Hangers


  1. Rain boots, umbrella, rain gear
  2. Microwave-safe dishes
  3.  Garbage bags
  4.  Command strips
  5.  Laundry supplies and Bobcat Cash or quarters
  6. First-aid kit

Study Supplies

  1. Laptop, computer, and headphones
  2. Surge protector and power strip
  3.  Desk lamp

In addition to tangible items, there are a few online resources you need to check off your list before arriving on campus. Check out this handy arrival guide you need to accomplish beforehand to ensure a smooth transition into OHIO dorm living.

Now let’s get into some items that can wreak havoc on your packing list:


  1. Halogen lightbulbs
  2. Toasters & toaster ovens
  3. Personal air conditioners
  4. Grills, hot plates, candles, and wax burners
  5. Multi-plug adapters, extension cords, cube adapters, and outlet splitters
  6. Lamps with exposed light bulbs and Octopus lamps
  7.  Duct/Masking Tape or any destructive tape on walls
  8. Tapestries that cover more than 25% of the wall
  9.  Illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, vape pens, and tobacco smoking products
  10.  Weapons, power tools, alcohol, and empty alcohol containers
  11.  Hot Tubs (yes, this has happened)
  12.  Pets (other than fish)

The goal to have in mind while packing for college is to only bring items that you can efficiently use in a limited space. You should not bring anything and everything from home to college – as you settle into your space you can always get what you need in Athens by shopping local.