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Research and Impact

Professor Jason Trembly awarded $1 million in grants for Sustainable Construction Materials

January 22, 2021 OHIO's Jason Trembly received two $500,000 grants for two separate projects focused on addressing climate change and sustainability issues surrounding construction and infrastructure.

OHIO researchers ID potential target for anti-viral drugs to battle COVID

January 20, 2021 While the world awaits broad distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, researchers at Ohio University just published highly significant and timely results in the search for another way to stop the virus.

OHIO professors advance international astronaut and space biology research

January 20, 2021 OHIO faculty are part of a team of researchers who have published a special compilation of papers that is being described as the largest set of astronaut and space biology data ever produced.

Ohio University, OhioHealth agreement expands medical and health research collaborations

January 19, 2021 OhioHealth and Ohio University have entered into a memorandum of understanding that encourages and streamlines their medical research collaborations.

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OHIO professor receives $220,000 grant to continue growth hormone, fat cell research

January 13, 2021 Kevin Lee, Ph.D. recently received a $220,000 boost for his research looking at how adipose, or fat, tissue reacts to growth hormone.

Website examines additional roles for-profit hospitals play in communities

January 12, 2021 Two OHIO researchers have launched a new website that explores national data and case studies examining the services for-profit hospitals bring to their communities outside of direct medical care.

OHIO launches public feedback forums for Sustainability and Climate Action Plan revisions

December 9, 2020 Ohio University has launched online public forums to elicit feedback for revisions drafted for its 2021 Sustainability & Climate Action Plan.

OHIO Distinguished Professor Malinski named National Academy of Inventors Fellow

December 8, 2020 Ohio University Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry Tadeusz Malinski has been named a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI), the organization announced.

OHIO’s Tammy Rapp collaborates on study showing how leadership coaching improves patient outcomes in surgical suites

December 3, 2020 Professor Tammy Rapp coauthored a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, on how leadership coaching can improve outcomes in the surgical suite.

New study shows dramatic differences between average age of death in Ohio counties

December 1, 2020 A new study by the Ohio Alliance for Innovation in Public Health showed that there are dramatic differences between average age of death within Ohio counties.

Early bird with tall, sickle-shaped beak reveals hidden diversity during the Age of Dinosaurs

November 25, 2020 An international team of researchers led by Dr. Patrick O’Connor announced the discovery of a new bird fossil that helps better understand convergent evolution of the face and beak shape.

OHIO professor publishes first article that looks at concussion risk in stunt performers

November 23, 2020 Dr. Jeff Russell is shining a light on a segment of concussion patients who often go unnoticed in comparison to athletes: performing artists. 

Power purchase agreements in Florida could generate $3.8B in economic impacts, according to study

November 20, 2020 Implementing solar power purchase agreements in Florida could support over 25,000 one-time construction jobs and generate up to $3.8 billion in local economic impacts, according to a new study.

OHIO continues to lead in diabetes work, helps standardize fellowship curriculum

November 18, 2020 November is Diabetes Awareness Month - learn more about how Dr. Amber Healy recently co-authored a white paper to help standardize curriculum for the nation's diabetes fellowship programs.

U.S. Department of State selects OHIO’s Talinn Phillips for prestigious English Language Specialist project in Brazil

November 16, 2020 Talinn Phillips has been selected by the U.S. Department of State for an English Language Specialist project focusing on developing a nationwide writing center network in Brazil.