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Vaccine awareness campaign features OHIO students and staff

Published: September 22, 2021 Author: Staff reports

Many considerations can influence someone’s decision to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Internal factors like health literacy, understanding of science, and perception of risk come into play, along with external influences like public health campaigns, the media, advice from trusted medical advisors, and public policy.

One particularly powerful driver of vaccine acceptance is the role of peers, community leaders and influencers. Vaccine confidence is built, in part, by seeing that trusted peers or people we admire have already gotten the vaccine.

“Humans don't perceive risk based on actual probabilities because our brains are not primed to think statistically like that. Rather, we tend to feel nervous about possible threats based on our personal values, our own experiences, and the things our social group talks about,” says Rebekah Crawford, visiting professor of Social and Public Health. “In my research with OHIO students, faculty, and staff I found that people were more likely to believe and respond to messages from trusted peers than even from scientific or health experts.”

In a new photo series, This Is My Shot, OHIO students, faculty, and staff share their reasons for choosing to be vaccinated against COVID-19. By taking a leadership role in this critical public health issue on our campuses, these Bobcats hope to encourage others to protect our campuses and our communities by getting vaccinated.

View This Is My Shot online, or watch for individual features on social media and in buildings around campus.