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'Don't let imposter syndrome hold you back,' Hannah Louck tells first-year students

Ohio University student Hannah Louck has some advice for first-year students: "Don't let imposter syndrome hold you back."

Now a junior, Louck has amassed a resume full of learning experiences and work opportunities, and a cadre full of friends and colleagues.

"The hardest hill I had to climb was fighting off imposter syndrome in a new academic space. Challenging myself to enter competitive spaces like Mock Trial and the Margaret Boyd Scholars program has created the confidence I need to face other challenges that come my way. Imposter syndrome is something a lot of people face entering new places, but it is important to recognize you deserve to be there just as much as everyone else," Louck said.

Louck's latest role is working as a pre-law associate in the Center for Law, Justice and Culture (CLJC), where she is responsible for communicating with students and alumni for events, creating posters for events, operating the CLJC social media accounts, and working on the weekly newsletter.

"I highly recommend students apply for any positions they are interested in. I have had many different types of experiential-learning opportunities throughout the last four years of my life at OHIO, and they have all been an amazing supplement to my academic endeavors. Putting skills from the classroom into real-world practice has been a key part of figuring out what I want to do after undergrad," said Louck, who is double majoring in history pre-law and sociology pre-law, minoring in political science, and pursuing a Law, Justice & Culture Certificate.

“Hannah has been a valuable addition to our team. CLJC pre-law associates tend to be dynamic and passionate students who care a great deal about the work. Hannah has been no exception.  She is able to successfully juggle multiple work deadlines while prioritizing her studies and maintaining her involvement in leadership of student organizations,” said Larry Hayman, Esq., director of legal engagement and the pre-law program at the Center for Law, Justice & Culture.

Q&A with Hannah Louck

Q: What is one of the most surprising things you’ve discovered during your job?

A: I was surprised to see the behind-the-scenes operation at the CLJC. It is a small team, but they work very hard to bring a plethora of law-related events and opportunities to students here on campus. The staff at the CLJC are very passionate about providing students with all the resources they need to be successful.

Q: How has this position helped shape your career planning?

A: As someone who is still considering whether to attend law school or graduate school, I know the experiences I will have working in the CLJC will help make that decision easier next year.

Q: Who have been your favorite professors and how have they made an impact on your life? 

A: Two of my favorite professors have been Dr. Michele Clouse and Dr. Kevin Mattson. Dr. Clouse has continued to be a helpful and kind figure in my life since my freshman year. She has been an amazing advisor as well and got me through the toughest semester of my life. I am grateful to have taken a class with Dr. Mattson because he actively challenges our ideas during class discussions and makes us think deeper about our beliefs and reasoning. Each of these professors have given me lessons I will take with me beyond just the classroom.

Q: What are your favorite OHIO memories?

A: My favorite OHIO memories are all the late nights in Alden Library with my friends. I loved the comradery we had in high-stress situations. Every study session is more fun with friends who make you laugh.

Q: What’s the one thing you would tell a new OHIO student not to miss?

A: I think that OHIO students shouldn’t miss the opportunities for growth that are all around them. Whether it’s attending an event or joining an organization, I have never regretted taking a chance and trying something new.

November 3, 2022
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