OHIO Southern student graduates debt-free

Camryn Zornes is preparing to graduate with a Health Services Administration degree, and she started her journey at Ohio University Southern while still in high school.

“I chose OHIO because I enjoyed my experience through College Credit Plus so much as a high school student that I wanted to continue my education at Southern,” Zornes said.

Zornes had lofty aspirations that she almost talked herself out of.

“My goal was to obtain two degrees in just four years,” she said. “At first, I nearly convinced myself this would be impossible, and I would have to take an extra year or two to finish my bachelors.”

But she stuck with it. “After taking 19+ hours a semester along with summer classes in order to make this happen, I realized that not only was it possible, but could become my reality,” she said.

Being no stranger to success, Zornes was awarded the Freshman Excellence Scholarship at the start of her education and has maintained the Continuing Excellence Scholarship, which will allow her to graduate debt free. She also enjoys being employed on campus.

“Some of my favorite OHIO memories have been working on campus as an OULN operator – being able to engage in so many classes that I otherwise would not have taken, also helping with the graduation ceremony and being able to contribute to such a pivotal moment in so many peoples’ lives,” she said.

In addition to studying and working on campus, Zornes urges students to embrace the opportunity to engage in campus events.

“Try to go to any that you can,” she said. “Although it is a small university, there are so many opportunities to get involved. Take any chance you have to network with professors, community leaders and fellow students.”

After graduation, Zornes plans to enter the workforce in an administrative role in healthcare. She will also continue her education and work to obtain her Master of Health Administration.

Zornes is Ohio University Southern’s 2023 Bachelor of Health Services Administration Outstanding Graduate. Outstanding Graduates are nominated by faculty for their scholarly or professional accomplishments, participation in university activities, community service and more.

May 5, 2023
Staff reports