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A distinguished career advancing student support and success: the Patton College’s Maureen Coon retires

Maureen Coon, assistant dean for student affairs and academic advising at Ohio University's Patton College of Education, retired on June 30 following a distinguished career that spanned 18 years. 

Coon began her career as an instructional faculty member and the field experience coordinator for the Department of Teacher Education. She became assistant dean for student affairs and academic advising in 2006. Throughout her time at the Patton College, she played a pivotal role in establishing the Office of Student Affairs, focusing on enhancing student support services.

While reflecting on her experience at the Patton College of Education, Coon recalled the college’s collaborative environment.

“I most appreciated the opportunity to work with a diverse team of colleagues, including advisors, deans, faculty, and other campus stakeholders, to support students through an appreciative advising lens,” she said.

Coon's notable accomplishments involved successfully introducing a professional academic advising model and incorporating mandatory advising for undergraduate students, which significantly improved student overall satisfaction. Additionally, she spearheaded the Student Support Initiative, connecting mentors with students facing challenges in difficult courses.

Recognizing the importance of student involvement, Coon introduced the Patton College Student Ambassador program and the Peer Mentor program, providing students with valuable guidance and support. Additionally, she facilitated the Credential Review Board, a bi-weekly session designed to assist students in overcoming obstacles and achieving their academic goals.

Coon also played an instrumental role in student recruitment efforts. Notably, she developed the Patton College Green Carpet Visits for prospective students and their families. These visits offered a unique opportunity to interact with recruiters, current students, advisors, and faculty members, showcasing the college's offerings.

Coon's contributions extended beyond the University campus. She served as a board member for the Columbus-Athens Albert Schweitzer Fellowship, representing the Patton College and contributing to community engagement efforts. Additionally, she played an active role in the Brothers RISE Steering Committee, aiming to increase the representation of African American males in the teaching profession.

Throughout her career, Coon showcased her expertise by presenting at numerous international, national, and regional conferences. Her leadership extended to overseeing various programs and departments, including the Upward Bound Program, College Bound Program, Office of Clinical Experiences, Career and Leadership Development, and Graduate Admissions and Records.

“Maureen led numerous initiatives that contributed to increased student recruitment and student success. The college is in a better place as a result of her leadership,” said Associate Dean for Academic Engagement and Outreach Connie Patterson. 

Upon her retirement, Coon intends to embark on an exciting new chapter, devoting her time and energy to personal endeavors. Her exceptional leadership in the field of higher education and advising has had a profound impact on the success of many students, educators, and leaders throughout the United States and beyond.

July 20, 2023
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