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Ohio University begins institutional process for reaffirmation of accreditation

As part of its ongoing commitment to ensuring that it is meeting the highest standards in education, research and service, Ohio University has entered the initial stages of reaffirming its institutional accreditation through the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). 

OHIO’s formal reaffirmation process is officially underway and will culminate in a campus visit by a Peer Review team which is scheduled to officially take place in March 2025.

“Accreditation is a vital aspect of OHIO’s commitment to excellence and continuous quality improvement,” said Executive Vice President and Provost Elizabeth Sayrs. “This process allows us to publicly demonstrate both our academic quality and the value we bring to our stakeholders including our students, our communities, and the people of Ohio.”

Ohio University's mission and vision center on providing a transformative educational experience, fostering a diverse and inclusive community, and producing graduates who are ready to lead and excel in a rapidly changing world. OHIO’s commitment to these principles will play a vital role throughout the reaffirmation process.

While the University’s reaffirmation timeline is an essential part of this process and signifies a significant institutional milestone, it’s important to note that OHIO’s journey toward reaffirmation should be viewed as a continuous path – one that is deeply embedded in the institution's mission, vision and values.

“At its core, accreditation is not merely a destination – it’s an ongoing, dynamic process that serves as a reflection of OHIO’s dedication to continuous improvement and an unwavering commitment to delivering the best possible educational experiences and outcomes for students,” said Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Analytics and Co-Chair of the Provost’s Office, Administration, Support and Policies accreditation committee Loralyn Taylor.

Ensuring broad campus representation

To ensure the success of this multifaceted endeavor, OHIO has established several committees dedicated to various aspects of reaffirmation. The decision to create multiple committees underscores the diverse nature of Ohio University, its statewide footprint and regional higher education campuses and centers. 

Each committee, comprised of individuals from various backgrounds, perspectives and expertise, is focused on a specific area and contributes to a comprehensive assessment of OHIO’s academic performance and helps to ensure that every voice is heard. This inclusive approach will help to ensure that the reaffirmation process reflects the rich tapestry of Ohio University and its commitment to excellence.

Additional information on OHIO’s Institutional Accreditation Committees is available online at:

OHIO’s pathway for reaffirmation of accreditation 

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) offers two pathways to Reaffirmation of Accreditation: Standard and Open. Through the Open Pathway, Ohio University engages in a 10-year evaluation cycle to reaffirm compliance with HLC requirements and pursue institutional improvement. 

Since 2019, after HLC sunset the AQIP Pathway, Ohio University set a course on the Open Pathway. It is through these Open Pathway milestones that HLC expects Ohio University to produce evidence that it is appropriately meeting the Criteria for Accreditation.

Moving forward together

Achieving accredited status is a time and resource-intensive process that requires a commitment to institutional effectiveness and the continuous improvement of academic quality. It is a process that involves everyone – from faculty, staff and students to the valued stakeholders across our OHIO communities. 

As OHIO’s reaffirmation of accreditation moves forward, we will keep you updated on the progress of our reaffirmation efforts and opportunities for the University community to share their voices and feedback via 

Together, we will continue to shape the future of Ohio University and reaffirm our collective commitment to providing a world-class education.

October 19, 2023
Staff reports