OHIO Eastern welcomes new career development coordinator

Daniel Christian was recently named career development coordinator at Ohio University Eastern. 

His passion for helping people succeed led him to this new position. “The thing that most excites me about working with college students at OHIO Eastern is that for many of our students, this is the last step before launching their careers. Helping them determine and coaching them along their path while they are at the Eastern campus, I believe will be both challenging and rewarding for them and me,” he said. 

As the new Career Development Coordinator, Christian will play a pivotal role in providing services and resources that support students' professional growth and leadership skills development. Students can schedule tailored appointments to meet their individual priorities, whether they are exploring majors, preparing resumes, or embarking on job searches.

Christian's connection to Ohio University runs deep. “I married into a family that proudly bleeds Bobcat Green,” he said. “My wife, Wendy, attended OHIO Eastern before completing her education degree at Ohio University in Athens and returned to the Eastern campus to complete a master’s degree in special education. Additionally, both of my brothers-in-law earned their teaching degrees from Ohio University, making it a family tradition.” 

Christian's journey started with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee Tech University. His background in facility and production management laid the foundation for his unique approach to guiding students toward successful career paths.

"Never stop developing your network of people and never stop learning" Christian advises students. 

When asked about the career services at Ohio University Eastern, Christian shared that his approach will emphasize the action-oriented nature of career coaching, empowering students to set short-term action steps to work toward long-term career goals.  

"My goal is to help students get started on their best career path," said Christian. Drawing parallels from his own college experience, he emphasizes the transformative nature of education, stating, "College has always been about learning, but I believe that college is also a time of discovering oneself and then developing yourself to be the person you want to become. I look forward to helping students navigate the exciting yet challenging journey from academia to the professional world.”

He encourages community members and businesses to engage with students by sharing their career paths, providing job shadowing opportunities and offering internships. According to Christian, participating in career development is not only personally and professionally rewarding but also a way to contribute to building the future workforce. 

Christian invites campus and community collaboration, stating, "Participating in career development is a way to stay engaged with today’s youth, which is our future!" 

Students, alumni, community members and business personnel can schedule an appointment directly with Daniel Christian virtually or in person.  Email christiand@ohio.edu to set up a meeting and learn more. 

January 19, 2024
Staff reports