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Ohio University Chillicothe announces spring semester community workshops

Interested in learning a new skill or flexing your creativity? 

Ohio University Chillicothe offers popular community education classes and workshops that allow participants to learn, explore and create. Community Education workshops are open to the public and open to all ages unless otherwise noted. 

OHIO Chillicothe’s Community Education series includes workshops that involve cocktail making, fitness, candle making, henna, painting and more.

Spring Semester workshops include a reprise of the popular Beginning Comedy Workshop led by local comedian Lori Graves who will also offer a workshop entitled “Expanding Your Five-Minute Set.” Tara Gillum, owner of Steiners Speakeasy, will lead cocktail classes themed for Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, along with an intro cocktail class and one centered on sugar can distillates. 

Throughout the summer, there are many opportunities to learn, explore and create with guest instructors at Ohio Chillicothe. Other featured classes will include Henna 101, pickleball, movie-making, basket-weaving, and more. 

“We love bringing together talented instructors with groups of enthusiastic community members eager to gather, learn and create,” said Administrative Assistant Ann Holmes, who coordinates the workshops. “We welcome community members from Chillicothe and the surrounding area to participate in these workshops that offer a little something for everyone, whether you are looking to try something new, or hone your skills at something you already enjoy.”

See the full Community Education Workshop schedule at

January 22, 2024
Staff reports