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Alumni help Scripps College Communication Studies students learn about career possibilities

A group of Scripps College of Communication students know a little bit more about the direction their careers could take after an alumni networking trip in early April.

“I learned so much about life after college and how to be successful out in the real world,” said Brittany Pankratz, a junior communication studies major. “The alumni we met with were very insightful and just genuinely happy to share their stories.”

Pankratz was part of a group of 12 communication studies students who went on the trip to Cleveland on April 3. The group visited Fathom Digital Marketing and Insight Global. Fathom provides digital marketing expertise to its clients, while Insight Global is a staffing agency. At both companies, students were able to talk with Ohio University alumni and ask them questions about their careers. At Insight Global, each student spent about 30 minutes shadowing an employee.

“The trip gave me a better understanding of the corporate world and the different jobs I could do,” said Molly Cohen, a junior communication studies major. “Since my major is so broad, it can be overwhelming thinking about my future, but the trip eased my anxiety about it. The most interesting thing from the trip was seeing different office styles and cultures. I now have a better idea of what kind of office I want to work in after graduation.”

“It was a great experience to share career advice with the next generation of marketing and communication professionals. From key learnings at Ohio University to my experience in the workforce post-graduation, I was excited to share insights that could set Bobcats up for success in their future careers,” said Fathom Marketing and Events Manager Hannah Zimmerman (B.S.C. ’17). “I hope the students take our advice and apply it to their internships and post-graduation career paths. I hope our conversation gave them confidence on how they can stand out and demonstrate their expertise in a competitive landscape.”

Students who were engaged in the Communication Leadership Mentoring Program and/or are members of the student organization, Student Professionals in Communication Studies, were invited to be a part of the trip.

“Because there are so many possible career paths for communication studies majors, it is often overwhelming for students when they begin considering jobs and career paths. Seeing and hearing alum stories about their journeys and how they leveraged their campus experiences into a career helps make the abstract more concrete for students,” said School of Communication Studies Director Dr. Ann Bainbridge Frymier. “Many students have not been exposed to professional environments.  Many students recognized they needed to be more intentional about getting professional experience.”

“Every part of the trip was important to me, but the most resourceful part about it was being able to network with such successful and talented individuals,” said Pankratz. 

April 12, 2024
Cheri Russo