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Chloe Gee’s career is “going bananas”

When Chloe Gee, a journalism news and information major, graduated from Ohio University, her goal was to one day work in media for a professional sports team. Only a year out of school, she is on her way there. Gee recently landed a part-time position with one of the hottest teams in professional sports – the Savannah Bananas. 

It’s awesome working for the Bananas,” said Gee. “You can see how good of a time all of the people and kids have at the game.”

The Savannah Bananas started as a summer collegiate baseball team in the Coastal Plain League, but left the league in 2022 to become an independent professional exhibition barnstorming team.  Think of the Harlem Globetrotters but baseball. The team is known for their high energy games with players dancing and wearing kilts. For most of the year, the team plays in Savannah, Georgia, but in the spring the Bananas take their show on the road to cities across the United States.

“I was looking for a part time gig on the side, cause why not,” said Gee. “And I applied for a role with the Bananas. They hired me as part of the Game Day Operations Team for all the home games. I get to the field at 3 p.m. before the games start and run around to make sure everything will go smoothly at the game.”

Gee started with the Bananas in February and said you never know what you might be doing when you get to the stadium.

“One time when I was helping out with parking, they had me dress up like a penguin because I was going to be one of the first people fans saw when they got to stadium and they want the fun, excitement and energy to start as soon as fans get to the stadium,” said Gee. “Games are a theatrical show. Even if you are having a bad day, you must have a smile on your face when working for the Bananas. You must be happy and excited. Their motto is to put fans first.”

The Bananas isn’t Gee’s only job. She works full time for Beaufort County TV in South Carolina. The station is just getting off the ground, but in her short time there, Gee has started hosting and producing a high school sports program, as well as programs containing news and events.

“With my sports show, I get to produce, direct, edit, and write,” said Gee. “Having the opportunity to explore all the different realms of media and production while at Ohio University and WOUB definitely helped prepare me for this. We use the same video editing software that we did at WOUB. Just having the opportunity to get so many on air reps at WOUB has definitely helped me.” 

Gee is really enjoying both of her jobs right now. The Bananas season runs through September. She hopes she gets the opportunity to do more with the Bananas in the future.

“They have something called Bananas TV,” said Gee. “I would like to work my way into a media position with that in the future.”

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April 23, 2024
Cheri Russo