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OHIO employees invited to learn more about campus meal plans available to them

Ohio University faculty and staff are invited to learn more about how the different Culinary Services meal plans can meet their needs,

Regardless of how often OHIO employees visit the Culinary Service venues, there are meal plans designed for them.

If you consider yourself a connoisseur of campus eateries, you might consider the Culinary Passport, which boasts 150 Flex Points for use at your discretion throughout the semester. These flex points are good for Nelson and The District Dining Halls, West 82, Latitude 39, either of the Campus Food Trucks, Earl’s Coop, and any of the Campus Cafes. 

If you don’t think you’ll be visiting our venues often enough to warrant the Culinary Passport, but you still want to be able to enjoy the wide variety of options available, you are invited to try the Mini Passport. With 55 Flex Points, the Mini Passport can be used at all the same venues as the full Culinary passport.

If you only find yourself at our dining courts on special occasions, you may be interested in the "Connect 10" meal plan, good for ten trips to either of the dining halls, as well as Smooth Moves in Boyd Market. The connect meal plans are also available in 20 and 40 meals, so you can choose based on your personal needs.

Whether you want to have hot meals for lunch, enjoy fresh coffee every morning, or treat yourself to delicious pastries when the weather is good, you can find what you’re looking for at Culinary Services. And if you haven’t been to any of the venues recently, you are encouraged to give one a try and see that all that it has to offer.

For more information on meal plans available to OHIO employees, as well as more options and customizations, visit the OHIO Culinary website at

April 19, 2024
Staff reports