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OHIO responds with brief to State Labor Board

On Thursday, May 9, Ohio University filed its response with the State Labor Board regarding the request by the United Academics of Ohio University (UAOU) for a faculty union election.  

In its filing, the University neither moved to cancel or delay an election, nor to dismiss the UAOU's election petition. Rather, the University has requested a secret ballot election to determine if a majority of eligible employees want to form a new union and begin collective bargaining processes, or if a majority of eligible employees want to continue their current relationship through established University processes and obligations, including those outlined in the Faculty Handbook and through Faculty Senate.

After reviewing both the University's and the UAOU's competing requests for elections, the University and the UAOU appear to agree upon many eligible voting groups, but disagree on others.

The reason for two different requests for elections at this stage is because the State Labor Board will carefully review both requests and ultimately determine the appropriate “community of interest” for the vote. The State Labor Board will decide who should be grouped together to vote and who should not.

Specifically, the University has shared concerns that, as currently constructed by the UAOU, the proposed unit seeks to mix faculty from clinical academic groups that do not share a community of interest, similar working conditions and other terms of employment when compared to the rest of the general academic community at the University. 

These and other issues were presented to the State Labor Board to help them determine who the right group of voters and potential union members should be. 

Additional information, including official copies of the University’s filings, is available on OHIO’s Human Resources website.

May 10, 2024
Staff reports