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Outstanding Graduate Nicholas Nolan exemplifies academic excellence

Ohio University Eastern recognized Nicholas Nolan, an exceptional student who embodies excellence both inside and outside the classroom, earning two Outstanding Student awards. Nolan, a Bridgeport native, received these awards for his remarkable achievements while earning two degrees, a Bachelor of Science in Applied Management and Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies

“Nolan stands out as an exceptional student with a 4.0 GPA in COMS courses, showcasing dedication to academic excellence. His proactive engagement with campus life reflects a strong commitment, seeking opportunities to contribute beyond coursework,” said Sarah Mahan-Hays, associate professor of Communications Studies. “Notably, his professionalism and maturity shine, leaving positive impressions on visitors and staff alike. He is a truly driven, intelligent, pleasant person who is no doubt on a path to success.”

The prestigious Outstanding Student Awards are bestowed by program faculty to recognize students who have contributed holistically to not just their academic program, but also to the Ohio University Eastern campus and surrounding community. These students maintain a high GPA, participate in various on-campus activities, and serve as role models for their fellow students.

“Nolan demonstrates strong community spirit, assisting instructors and leading student organizations. He has fine academic discipline,” Michael Schor associate professor of instruction. “His notable contributions as a student intern during the Ohio University Eastern Shark Challenge stand out, showcasing his dedication through thoughtful questions and going above and beyond expectations, enriching the event significantly.”

Nolan was also chosen to represent the OHIO Eastern graduating class as a Student Marshall. Only two students receive this honor. Student Marshalls are individuals who have exemplified academic excellence throughout their collegiate experience, achieving the highest GPAs of Ohio University Eastern graduation recognition attendees. The Student Marshalls lead the graduation procession, symbolizing their role as beacons of academic achievement and excellence with our community.

"I have been blessed with wonderful support throughout my academic journey. Support from my family, my fiancé, and the Bobcat family at Ohio University Eastern," Nolan said.

Throughout his time at OHIO Eastern, Nolan encountered numerous challenges, from balancing two majors to navigating the complexities of college life. However, amidst the trials, there were moments of clarity and triumph.

"It was those assignments where I put my soul into it, where I felt the sheer rush of excitement and joy," said Nolan. "Receiving good grades and detailed comments from professors made all the effort worth the struggle."

When asked about his choice of Ohio University Eastern, Nolan emphasized the institution's affordability and the incredible financial aid opportunities that allowed him to pursue his education with minimal loans.

But perhaps what truly set Nolan's collegiate experience apart were the profound impacts of his professors. He speaks fondly of Professor Schor from the College of Business, whose optimism and passion for teaching left an indelible mark on his academic journey.

"In my opinion, he found the appropriate balance between learning and assignments that allowed me to take my time and absorb the knowledge of each class," Nolan said. “I admire Professor Schor's dedication to student success.”

Additionally, Nolan credits Dr. Pamela Kaylor from the Scripps College of Communication for challenging him to improve his writing and research analysis, emphasizing the importance of diverse perspectives and opinions.

As Nolan overcame obstacles and forged meaningful connections, one decision stands out as pivotal to his college experience: applying for a student worker position at Student Services.

"If you ever feel that you do not have a reason to go on campus, get a campus job," Nolan advises. "It made my university experience a thousand times better - trust me."

“Nicholas first came to OHIO as a College Credit Plus student taking COMS 1030 Intro to Public Speaking online. He has always been an extremely bright and conscientious student,” said Jennifer Kellner-Muscar, Ohio University Eastern Student Services Director. “The last few years he has worked at the front desk of the Student Services Office, and I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Nicholas as a person, watching him mature and gain confidence. He will be successful in any field he chooses, and I hope he will stay in touch so we can follow his career and academic journeys!”

As Nolan embarks on the next chapter of his journey as an OHIO Alumni, his story serves as a testament to the power of dreams, determination, and the unwavering support of those who believe in us. Through his resilience and perseverance, he embodies the spirit of Ohio University Eastern, where dreams are nurtured, and futures are forged.

May 3, 2024
Staff reports