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Outstanding Graduate poised to make a lasting impact

Ohio University Southern celebrates Leah Bailey, a shining example of dedication, as one of its Outstanding Graduates. With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in hand, as well as an offer for an ICU fellowship, Bailey stands at the threshold of a promising career, poised to make a lasting impact in the field of healthcare. 

Nursing is a profession dedicated to caring, and Bailey's journey to academic excellence is marked by her commitment to serving others. As she prepares to embark on the next chapter of her life, Bailey reflected on the pivotal moments and influential figures that have shaped her college experience.

Throughout her time at Ohio University Southern, Bailey's dedication to her studies and her unwavering commitment to excellence have been evident.

"During my preceptorship, I learned so much and got to practice like an actual RN. This increased my confidence in myself as I was able to do 100 percent of the nurse’s job. It made me proud of myself for how far I have come," she said.

Bailey's decision to attend Ohio University Southern was influenced by its location and stellar reputation in the community.

"The proximity of Ohio University Southern to South Point, where I have lived my whole life, was a big factor in my choice,” said Bailey. “Also, OUS has a very high NCLEX pass rate and is held in high regard.”

Among the faculty members who left a profound impact on Bailey are Dana Scott and Aimee Howe. Bailey praised Scott, who taught MedSurg along with other support courses, for her genuine care and dedication to her students' success. Similarly, Howe's ability to make challenging topics like maternity and pediatrics engaging and accessible has left an enduring impression on Bailey.

Reflecting on the challenges she faced during her college years, Bailey acknowledged the demanding nature of nursing school.

"Nursing school as a whole was the hardest hill I think I will ever have to climb. It was extremely challenging, but I am very proud of myself for taking each day at a time and conquering that hill," she said.

Despite the rigors of academic life, Bailey cherishes the countless memories and friendships she has forged during her time at Ohio University Southern.

"The relationships I have established through my fellow classmates, professors, and my preceptor have brought laughs, great memories, and countless lessons.”

As she prepares to embark on her career in nursing, and determine if her next steps involve becoming a nurse practitioner or nurse anesthetist, Bailey offers sage advice to incoming students.

"I would tell a new student not to take their time in college for granted and to cherish every memory," she said.

With her dedication to excellence, compassionate spirit, and relentless pursuit of her goals, Bailey is poised to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others as she embarks on her journey into the nursing profession. Ohio University Southern extends its heartfelt congratulations to Bailey and wishes her continued success in all her future endeavors.

May 1, 2024
Staff reports