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WOUB Sports Student receives Larry and JoAnn Katz Family Scholarship

Ashley Frye, a rising junior journalism news and information major, is still in shock after learning she received $2,000 in support for next school year because she received The Larry and JoAnn Katz Family Scholarship. The scholarship was created by a former WOUB student who wanted to pay his experience forward.

“Getting this from someone who did the same thing as you, went to Ohio University and worked at WOUB, it gives you great confidence,” said Frye.  “It’s something that I will think about for the rest of my time here.”

The Larry and JoAnn Katz Family Scholarship was established by Katz and his wife and is awarded to a student with involvement in WOUB, especially in athletic programming. Katz worked at WOUB as a student and graduated in 1977. He has lived in New Orleans since then. Katz spent the first part of his work career in the apparel business and 28 years ago changed directions to develop and grow a chain of local breakfast diners, called Dots Diner.  He met his wife, JoAnn, while both were students at Ohio University.

“If I could talk to the Katz family, the first thing I would say is ‘thank you,’” said Frye. “This makes such a huge impact on my life.”

Frye grew up near Cincinnati and came to Ohio University because of the reputation of its journalism school and the beauty of the campus.

“Once I visited campus, I immediately knew, 100%, this place was for me.”

Even though she knew she was interested in pursuing a career in broadcast journalism, Frye spent her freshman year writing for The Post. Frye says she didn’t realize how much professional, hands-on training students could get at WOUB.

“I knew that WOUB was a thing,” said Frye. “But I didn’t how much of an opportunity you had. I didn’t know that students could be so involved. I knew there was an opportunity, but I didn’t know how big it was.”

The summer before Frye’s sophomore year, a friend who worked on WOUB’s high school football program, Gridiron Glory, recruited Frye to work on the program in the fall.

“I was voluntold,” Frye said with a laugh. “They needed me to video edit for the show, and I did it. I got to see how everything worked and that made me realize that I needed to work at WOUB.”

Frye became a reporter on WOUB’s high school basketball program, Hardwood Heroes, over the winter of the 2023-2024 school year. And she just learned she will be one of the lead reporters for Gridiron Glory in the fall.

“I also just started anchoring for NewsWatch, and I liked doing that. But something about sports broadcasting really snatches you up. I love every second I spend reporting for Gridiron and Hardwood.”

When Frye learned she received the Katz scholarship, she looked up information online about the award and stumbled across this quote from Larry Katz in a 2021 article about that year’s winner.

“It is important to give back to the places that have impacted you,” said Katz. “Ohio University, specifically WOUB, was at the top of my list. I liked Ohio University, but I loved WOUB.”

And the quote resonated with Frye.

“I’m super proud of myself and just honored to be considered for something like this,” said Frye. “I 100% get where Mr. Katz was coming from with that quote. I hope that one day, after graduation, I am in the financial position to give back to WOUB. WOUB has had such a huge impact on me.”

May 6, 2024
Cheri Russo