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New Microsoft Teams features support collaboration and accessibility

Microsoft Teams has undergone several software upgrades that include new and improved functionality that can significantly impact the day-to-day teaching, learning, and business we do at Ohio University.

These updates include:

  • Meeting organizers can now assign presenters to manage breakout rooms. Before this update, only the person who created the meeting could generate and manage breakout rooms. 
  • Meeting organizers can set up and assign participants to breakout rooms before a meeting. Prior to this change, organizers had to set up breakout rooms and assign participants during the meeting.
  • Using the Q&A app, meeting organizers can hold a moderated or unmoderated question and answer session during a Teams meeting. This app allows organizers and presenters to review written questions and select which ones to respond to and/or publish and/or respond. Please note, the app is only available to users who have Teams Preview mode.
  • Live transcript functionality is now available in “Meet Now” (ad hoc meetings) and Channel Meetings. Live transcription is a written record of the spoken text that occurs during a meeting. Each speaker is identified, and their words are captured automatically in near real time and stored in a transcript that is available during and after the meeting. 
  • Presenters in Teams Meetings can customize how their video feed and content appears to the audience using presenter modes. Standout mode shows the speaker’s video feed in front of the shared content. Reporter mode shows content as a visual aid above the speaker’s shoulder, like during a news segment. Side-by-side mode shows the presenter’s video feed alongside their content as they present. 
  • Teams chat participants can collaboratively create and edit content inline using Live Components. You can choose a paragraph, table, checklist, or other component to help focus your team on tasks like co-authoring content, compiling data, or tracking next steps. You’ll be able to collaborate right inside messages, minimizing the need for long chat threads. 

To learn more about Microsoft Teams, visit OIT’s resources and training webpage, which includes options for self-training resources, workshops, and consultations. If you’re having trouble or running into issues with Teams, please contact the IT Service Desk for help. 

February 9, 2022
Staff reports