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Ohio University secures Supplemental Instruction accreditation

Ohio University’s Supplemental Instruction program, part of the Academic Achievement Center (AAC), has been accredited by the International Center for Supplemental Instruction (ICSI) located at University of Missouri – Kansas City.

The AAC has worked hard over the past two years to develop and document a Supplemental Instruction (SI) program that meets ICSI’s rigorous standards. Achieving certification means that the AAC has met ICSI’s high standards for program operation, SI leader training, faculty and student participation, and student success. These components are all an integral part of OHIO’s academic assistance efforts.

In the award letter, ICSI Executive Director Jessica Brooks said, “SI programs require attention to detail, dedicated time and resources, and a superb student and professional staff who are committed to student learning. Ohio University has demonstrated this in their accreditation application. The support your team provides your SI Leaders is fantastic.”

OHIO’s Supplemental Instruction program provides important and impactful academic assistance for students. Each semester, the AAC provides supplemental instruction for 24 classes with a total enrollment of approximately 3,000 students. SI Leaders host SI sessions twice per week throughout the semester. 

“Students who attend 10 or more SI sessions achieve one letter grade higher than students who never attend,” said Director of Academic Assistance Elizabeth Fallon. “Being awarded the ICSI accreditation demonstrates how effectively we are managing our program to provide academic support for students in large-enrollment, historically difficult classes.”

John Akoeda, a graduate assistant who helps train and support SI leaders, said the leaders use a variety of collaborative learning strategies, which allow for interactions between students in the class. This peer-to-peer interaction motivates students to stay engaged with difficult class material.

The AAC is housed in University College but provides support to students in all colleges and at all Ohio University campuses. 

“The AAC does incredible work helping to support the academic goals of students,” said University College Dean David Nguyen. “This accreditation recognizes the great work of the AAC staff in anticipating and identifying the needs of students and then meeting those needs by preparing SI leaders to deliver content to peers and engaging with faculty about how to support learning retention through SI. I’m thrilled the SI team is receiving the recognition that it deserves.” 

The Academic Achievement Center is hiring SI leaders for fall semester. Interested students may apply online.

July 13, 2022
Staff reports