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OHIO instructors invited to join fall Faculty Learning Communities

Ohio University instructors are invited to join two fall Faculty Learning Communities.

A Faculty Learning Community (FLC) is a collaborative and interdisciplinary group that comes together to engage in shared learning, professional development, and the improvement of teaching and learning practices. 

The two fall 2023 FLCs center on two topics. The first FLC will continue the exploration of a spring 2023 FLC on AI and Teaching and Learning. The second, Teaching on the Regional Campus, will bring regional faculty together to consider how to promote teaching excellence in that specific context. 

FLC facilitators aim to foster a supportive environment for faculty members to explore new ideas, exchange experiences, and enhance their teaching methods. The AI and Teaching and Learning FLC will be facilitated by Paul Shovlin, Ph.D., associate professor and director of composition with the English Department, and Erin Morgenstern, Ph.D., visiting professor, counseling and higher education, Patton College of Education, who also participated in the spring FLC. David Rohall, Ph.D., dean of campus and community relations at OHIO Eastern, will facilitate the regional faculty and teaching excellence FLC.

For more information on the AI and Teaching and Learning FLC, please see this website.

For more information on the Teaching on Regional Campuses FLC, please see this website.

August 19, 2023
Staff reports