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Information for OHIO students on Fall 2023 course, instructor evaluations

Ohio University values student feedback on the learning experience and strongly encourages student participation in end-of-semester evaluations to provide important information about their courses.

OHIO students are well positioned to share insight on which classroom activities and assignments they found most supportive of learning, as well as to share perceptions of other aspects of their courses.

Does my feedback really matter? The more responses received, the more reliable the feedback. Faculty often cite student feedback as important in how they identify some of the most impactful aspects of their courses and decisions they make about refinements or adjustments. 

When will course evaluations happen? Course evaluations generally take place in the last two weeks before final exams. Colleges may distribute course evaluations at different times, but most students will receive an email from prompting you to complete the evaluations a week before finals.

How do I submit my end-of semester evaluations? The course evaluations email (sent through OHIO accounts) will contain links to surveys for all the courses in which students are enrolled. If an instructor uses Blackboard, course evaluation links may also be posted there. Simply click on the link and respond to the survey questions for that course.

Will my instructor know I completed the form? Student responses are always confidential, and results are only reported to the instructor in aggregate form (although they do receive open-ended question responses as written). End-of-course survey results are only released following faculty submission of grades.

If you have questions or concerns about end-of-semester evaluations, contact the Office of Information Technology, which administers the evaluations. Visit Course Evaluations - Blue Implementation to learn more about the University’s course evaluation platform.

November 30, 2023
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