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Explore the Canvas learning management system this spring semester

As we welcome the new year and gear up for the Spring 2024 semester, OHIO’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) is excited to provide an update on the learning management system (LMS) transition, a significant step towards enhancing the educational technology landscape.

In line with the commitment to a smooth transition to Canvas, all full-term Spring 2024 courses are now visible in both Blackboard and Canvas. This step is designed to offer instructors the opportunity to acquaint themselves with Canvas before they begin actively teaching in the system and to ensure that all systems function effectively. It is important to note that you should still plan to teach in Blackboard for the Spring 2024 semester, unless you are participating in the Phase 1 group.

Please note that courses become visible in both Canvas and Blackboard eight weeks prior to the course start date. Courses that begin in the middle of the spring semester will also become available in Canvas and Blackboard eight weeks before they’re set to begin.

Key details for instructors

  • Phase 1 Instructors: Instructors teaching in Phase 1 will use Canvas for their spring courses with full student enrollments.
  • Non-Phase 1 Instructors: For non-Phase 1 instructors, courses in Canvas are for testing purposes only – feel free to explore and get used to Canvas. You can test features, migrate content, or prepare for future semesters.
  • Primary teaching platform: For non-Phase 1 instructors, Blackboard remains the primary platform for Spring 2024 courses.

We understand that transitioning to a new LMS is a significant change, and OIT’s goal is to support you. OHIO faculty and staff should know that 24/7 support is available within Canvas, and self-guided training and consultations are available on the Canvas training website.

If you have questions about Blackboard or Canvas spring courses, please contact Lindsey Ward, the learning management system product manager, at For regular updates regarding OHIO’s transition to Canvas, please join the Teaching and Learning Technologies Advisory Community.

OIT encourages all faculty to explore Canvas, familiarize themselves with its features, and provide feedback to help the University refine the transition process. As we progress with the implementation of Canvas, further updates will be provided.

January 5, 2024
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