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School administrators help prepare Ohio University Chillicothe teacher candidates for their careers

Ohio University Chillicothe’s graduating education majors recently participated in mock interviews with local educators and administrators to help hone their interview skills and prepare them for the job hunt, while learning what their local school districts are searching for in new teacher candidates. 

Lindsey McNeal, principal of Greenfield Elementary, an OHIO Chillicothe alumna, and a member of Ohio University Chillicothe’s Education Advisory Board, has already hired Natalie Rolfe, who will graduate next week with a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education. Rolfe completed her professional internship at Greenfield Elementary School. McNeal appreciates meeting and interviewing local teacher candidates who may fill positions in her district.  

“We have open positions in the district this year,” McNeal said. “These are the teachers that we want. One of the people I'm interviewing today applied for one of my open positions, so I get to interview them today and have that conversation. she's still participating because she wants to get advice from the other administrators.” 

Associate Professor of Instruction Karen Corcoran, who serves as regional coordinator of professional internships in teaching, organizes the unique bi-annual event with support from other education faculty at OHIO Chillicothe.  

Jeanie Dalton, who teaches education classes at OHIO Chillicothe, said many local school partners eagerly attend the mock interview event to meet and support OHIO Chillicothe teacher candidates while finding candidates to fill positions in their schools.

teacher candidates listen to scool administrators

“These mock interviews serve our local school districts and graduating teacher candidates,” Dalton said. “This is one of the ways Ohio University Chillicothe continues to foster mutually beneficial relationships with the schools that host our teacher candidates in clinical field experiences. Our teacher candidates get to practice interviewing while local administrators pre-screen potential candidates who will seek teaching positions in our local districts.”  

Corcoran noted that the mock interview process has resulted in many job opportunities and hires. 

Hope Crabtree is graduating with her Bachelor of Science in Education in early childhood education. She said the mock interview day helped build a network with community schools and prepare candidates for the interview process. 

Following the mock interviews, students and visiting administrators continued their discussions over lunch and school administrators shared their perspectives and expertise during a Q&A session. 

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April 25, 2024
Staff reports