Must love dogs: OHIO senior grabs coveted WeRateDogs® internship

Ever dreamed of working for the internet's most pawsome employer? For Ohio University senior Griffin Foltz ’24, that dream became reality. A student in the College of Business, Foltz landed a coveted internship at WeRateDogs (WRD), the canine-hype social media phenomenon that has taken the world by storm.

Gabriel Preston '06 | May 14, 2024


Foltz's analytics expertise proved to be the perfect fit for WRD’s data-driven world. Now, Foltz is playing a key role behind the scenes, helping ensure our furry friends continue to receive the top ratings they deserve. We asked a few questions about Foltz's experience and how the senior got connected to WRD. 

Tell us about yourself:

I'm a senior at Ohio University in the College of Business, triple-majoring in Business Analytics, Accounting, and Business Pre-Law. I'm also currently enrolled in OU's Master of Business Analytics (MBAn) program.

Landing an internship at WRD is impressive! How did that come about?

WRD visited OU's campus for the first time last fall thanks to a connection with the Center for Entrepreneurship. Earlier this year, a WRD representative contacted our Center Director, Paul Benedict, seeking a grad student with a data analytics background. Luckily, Paul recommended me, and after a quick onboarding process, I joined the WRD business development team.

Thankfully, my business operations and analytics courses from OHIO'S College of Business have equipped me perfectly for this role.

Griffin Foltz ’24

What do you love most about WRD?

Getting a peek behind the scenes of one of the most viral pet accounts in media is definitely my favorite part. I had no idea how many people worldwide adore WRD's merchandise (and the dogs, of course)!

Ohio University senior Griffin Foltz ’24 with a furry friend

Do you get to rate dogs too?

While I'm not on the dog-rating team specifically, let's just say the rating criteria remain a closely-guarded secret.

We completely understand. Any advice for fellow Bobcats seeking similar internships?

My best advice is to not only build but actively leverage your network. By nurturing relationships and seeking opportunities through those connections, you massively increase your chances of discovering unexpected opportunities. Networking isn't just about who you know; it's about how you use those connections to create meaningful experiences.

We rate your internship a 15/10. Please don't forget to tell your dog we said hi.