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Interior Architecture students focus on building up communities in Research Expo projects

May 1, 2024 Four interior architecture students received awards at the recent Student Expo of Student Research and Creative Activity for their work creating projects that uplift members of the community.

Research Expo offers opportunity for students and alumni alike

April 19, 2024 OHIO students showcase works for alumni judges to further knowledge and benefit the community.

Innovation in action: Alumni fund award to incubate student research

November 29, 2023 One OHIO student entrepreneur will win $5,000 to help transform their life sciences idea into reality.

Building toward a better quality of life

November 14, 2023 The study of interior architecture consists of many different facets, all of which are exemplified in Ohio University’s fifth-year Interior Architecture student, Bailey Buell.

Interior architecture student leverages evidence-based design to improve short-term care facility concepts

May 4, 2023 Emma Grubb uses evidence-based design to improve short-term care facility experiences.

Edgar Gomez highlights the music of 19th century Mexico at student expo.

April 13, 2023 Edgar Gomez, a graduate student from Cholula, Puebla in Mexico, in the School of Music, highlights his research into the music of 19th century Mexico in the upcoming student expo.

Multi-dimensional and expressive ceramics to be showcased at Student Expo

April 6, 2023 For Christopher St. John, creative expression and ceramics are intricately linked.

Time Machine: OHIO's Student Expo

October 7, 2022 On April 7, OHIO celebrated its 20th Student Expo following two fully virtual events in 2020 and 2021. This year’s Expo was offered in a hybrid format—a first for an event that for 20 years has provided OHIO students an opportunity to showcase their innovation, discovery and imagination.

Computer science students design and compete in Capture the Flag contest

May 9, 2022 Computer science students designed and participated in a Capture the Flag contest, which is a contest in which “flags” are hidden within programs or websites to be discovered by competitors.

Chukwuka explores how coal can strengthen polymers

April 7, 2022 Chiderah Jessica Chukwuka, found her niche researching the effects of coal as a filler to enhance the properties of phenolic resins. She will present her research at the Student Expo on April 7, 2022.

Vanessa Obenewaa Antwi Doe studies effect of second-hand clothing market on Ghanaian seamstresses

April 6, 2022 Vanessa Obenewaa Antwi Doe will talk about her research, "Implications of fast fashion’s second-hand clothing market on seamstresses in the Ghanaian Textile Industry," at the Student Expo on April 7.

Students search for linguistic answers in Southern Ohio Language Project

April 6, 2022 All five linguistics students have dug their roots into the Southern Ohio Language Project as a way to gather information and study how area residents use language.

What Emily Marino didn't expect to find in the lab

April 6, 2022 From Emily Marino's first day as a Bobcat, she knew she would be spending a lot of time in a lab, conducting experiments, and writing her Honors Tutorial College senior thesis.

Neither wind nor ice could stop Kelly Love's fieldwork

April 6, 2022 Kelly Love, a graduate student in the M.S. in Environmental Studies program, is looking at different methods to determine the health of an ecosystem.

Three students are re-engineering how to get Cedar Point ready for summer fun

April 6, 2022 Industrial and systems engineering students Danielle Klein, Maddie McNamara and Meghan Harris are hard at work on the Cedar Point project.