Stories tagged with: undergraduate research

History graduate students present at America in the World Consortium organized by OHIO alumnus

March 15, 2023 History doctoral candidates James Bohland and Cameron Dunbar presented their research at the America in the World Consortium Young Scholars Conference organized by recent OHIO graduate Kyle Balzer.

Hiding in plain sight: Hines group uncovers new class of medicinal compounds that target RNA

February 12, 2023 Chemistry students in Jennifer Hines' lab uncovered a new class of compounds that can target RNA and disrupt its function, a discovery that could be used in the development of RNA-targeted medicines.

Ryan Sheehan presents on French dynasty at Midwest Medieval History Conference

February 2, 2023 Ryan Sheehan, a history major in the Honors Tutorial College, presented his work on the Capetian dynasty of French kings at the fall 2022 Midwest Medieval History Conference.

29 students receive Provost Undergraduate Research Fund awards

December 7, 2022 The Ohio University Provost Undergraduate Research Fund (PURF) award program provided 29 students with a total of $40,446 in funding for their original research, scholarship and creative work this fall.

Fall Grad Spotlight: Sydney Walters graduates with a list of things to remember forever

November 28, 2022 As senior Sydney Walters looks ahead to life after Ohio University, she has some big plans as she waits to hear on her graduate school applications.

Student registration now open for International Education Week activities

October 14, 2022 Ohio University celebrates International Education Week each year in November to champion the university’s excellence in global education through research, teaching and experiential learning.

Almanza finds intersection between art, diversity and engineering

October 10, 2022 Sophia Almanza, fourth year chemical engineering student, wanted a career where she could combine her interests in science, art and diversity. She quickly discovered that this intersectionality was captured by chemical engineering.  

TriBeta invites students to explore opportunities to work with faculty at research fair on Oct. 11

October 5, 2022 Biological Sciences seniors say working in faculty labs results in exciting research, lasting friendships, and critical experience for future careers.

OHIO team soft launches first sensor in low altitude weather network

September 13, 2022 Assistant professor Chad Mourning was awarded one of Ohio Federal Research Network’s awards for a low altitude weather network, and has completed the soft launch of the first unit in the network.

Alumni News | Ryan Wagner turns his grad school, camera focus on mudpuppy salamanders

September 10, 2022 Ryan Wagner has left a lot of footprints across the state of Ohio—most of them muddy ones.

Rising sophomore secures one of two spots in Dr. Harold Thompson Racial Health Equity Fellowship

August 4, 2022 After moving to the United States from Ghana at age 12, Christine Blay hopes to use her own experiences to improve her knowledge on minority healthcare, specifically in rural areas like Appalachia.

Kennedy Museum launches eighth annual exhibition by Museum Studies students

April 18, 2022 Students enrolled in the 2021-22 Museum Studies Certificate Program will present “Connections, Remembered,” at the Kennedy Museum of Art, opening April 22.

Students, faculty set out to uncover once-thriving Civil War-era African American settlement

April 14, 2022 All that’s left of Payne’s Crossing, an African American settlement dating back to the 1800s, is remnants of the cemetery? Actually, there’s a lot more to discover about this once-thriving settlement

Three students are re-engineering how to get Cedar Point ready for summer fun

April 6, 2022 Industrial and systems engineering students Danielle Klein, Maddie McNamara and Meghan Harris are hard at work on the Cedar Point project.

Students search for linguistic answers in Southern Ohio Language Project

April 6, 2022 All five linguistics students have dug their roots into the Southern Ohio Language Project as a way to gather information and study how area residents use language.