Stories tagged with: Artificial Intelligence

How AI is transforming the creative economy and music industry

April 3, 2024 Artificial intelligence is more than just a hot topic—it’s changing the world in unexpected ways. The use of AI has exploded in the past year, even in creative industries like music.

'Focus on the opportunities ahead': Addressing AI from all angles

March 15, 2024 OHIO is focused on preparing students to thrive in the new reality of artificial intelligence.

OHIO’s AI Symposium to explore cutting-edge technology, provide insights into the future

February 22, 2024 Through a broad, immersive deep dive into all things artificial intelligence, Ohio University’s first-ever AI Symposium is aiming to not only keep pace with the technology but sprint ahead.

New Executive Intelligence series will help you put AI to work in your business

December 7, 2023 Are you eager to integrate artificial intelligence into your business ? Ohio University's College of Business has the perfect solution – the “AI for the Busy Professional Workshop.”

What is the future of AI in business? Understanding ethical concerns

September 21, 2023 The future of AI in business has become a hot topic. AI is becoming more important to business owners, staff, clients, and customers -- so how should business programs help students prepare?

How do companies use AI? Navigating artificial intelligence trends in business

September 3, 2023 AI is already reshaping companies and redefining rules in industries. Whether it is used to automate business processes or data analysis, AI is changing traditional business practices — and OHIO is preparing its students every step of the way.