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Ohio Supercomputer Center resources available to Ohio University researchers

Published: September 1, 2021 Author: Staff reports

The Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) offers fee-based high-performance computing, large-capacity data storage, and expert support to OHIO faculty and researchers. Over the last three years, OHIO has used 21,918,706 core hours at the OSC.

As a reminder, most users are eligible for a $1,000 annual credit which offsets fees for all but the most intensive users. OSC also offers virtual computer labs and free access to OSC resources for classroom use. 

To learn more, visit osc.edu. If interested in getting started, please attend one of the monthly webinars called "Introduction to Supercomputing at OSC.”

Access to the Ohio Supercomputer Center is facilitated by the Office of Information Technology’s Research Computing service. If one has an interest in advancing Ohio University’s research initiatives through service offerings designed to support Principal Investigators and their corresponding data, please consider joining the Research Computing Advisory Community.