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Canvas learning management system available for instructors to explore

OHIO’s new learning management system, Canvas, will be available for instructors to access beginning on Oct. 18.

To support a smooth transition to Canvas and minimize disruption to student learning, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) is following a phased implementation approach, beginning with early access now and continued through spring 2026.

As the first phase of implementation, faculty and staff will have access to Canvas so that they can become familiar with the features and capabilities of the system and prepare for teaching.

Phase 1 students will gain access to the system for spring 2024 semester.   

“This is a major milestone, and we are excited that instructors can start learning the new system. Our colleagues who are participating in phase 1 will be able to give us valuable feedback and insights that will assist our faculty, staff, and students in making this a successful transition. We will continue to collaborate closely with colleges, faculty, and staff across the University to incorporate feedback and support students and instructors throughout the transition,” said Sarah Poggione, vice provost for undergraduate education.

To take advantage of early access to Canvas:

  1. Log in to
  2. To request a test course, please complete the test course request form.
  3. To ask questions or share feedback, please refer to the FAQ section on the Canvas Implementation page.

To learn more about Canvas or access help resources, including an overview of differences between Canvas and Blackboard, visit the Canvas Learning Management System Implementation website. The Office of Instructional Design will also offer workshops and consultations. For more information please visit Canvas Transition website. 

Phase 1 faculty will receive an extensive orientation to Canvas and course templates that can be adapted to a variety of teaching modalities, goals, and course types which are designed to support different instructional strategies, create efficiencies in teaching, and assist students in navigating this important learning tool. 

In the meantime, all instructors can establish practices and consider uses of the learning management system to prepare for the next phases of transition.

“Transitioning to a new learning management system provides the opportunity to offer consistent student experience across courses in their most used and one of their most useful learning tools. When done well, Canvas will support a sense of OHIO community, direct students to OHIO resources, help students build time management and organizational skillsets and minimize cognitive overload,” said Melinda Rhodes, executive director of the Center for Teaching, Learning and Assessment.

Around 50 instructors across OHIO have been chosen by their respective colleges to start developing courses in Canvas with the expectation to teach in spring 2024. This strategy provides hands on support to a diverse set of courses and supports the understanding of how training and support structure can meet the needs of faculty and students in the coming semesters. If you are a member of this Phase 1 group, the University community is grateful for your support. 

A more detailed update regarding the availability of Canvas for students and the migration plans will be shared at the start of the spring semester. In the meantime, instructors can continue to explore Canvas and collaborate with the colleges to ensure a successful transition to the new learning management system.

October 13, 2023
Staff reports