Stories tagged with: Department of Physics and Astronomy

Shiyong Wu lab showcases student, alumna researchers at American Society for Photobiology meeting

November 16, 2022 Shiyong Wu took students to the American Society for Photobiology meeting this fall to showcase their research on ultraviolet exposure and basal cell skin cancer.

Team of physicists, chemists demonstrates atomic-level control of rare earth molecule

October 24, 2022 Scientists at OHIO and partner institutions have, for the first time, formed a charged rare earth molecule on a metal surface and rotated it using scanning tunneling microscopy.

Ohio University awarded Intel grant funding, will serve as lead institution for Appalachian Semiconductor Education and Technical (ASCENT) Ecosystem

September 9, 2022 Over the next three years, ASCENT will collaboratively develop and deliver diverse educational options across the region, including certificates, associate degrees, bachelor’s and graduate degrees.

Physics Ph.D. student wins Best Speaker Award at international conference in Spain

August 4, 2022 Physics doctoral student Eva Yazmin Santiago Santos received a prestigious Best Speaker Award at a large international conference in Spain.

Nine Arts and Sciences retiring professors approved for emeriti status

June 30, 2022 The Ohio University Board of Trustees approved emeriti status at its June meeting for nine College of Arts and Sciences professors upon their retirement from Ohio University.

25 Arts and Sciences faculty promoted, 15 granted tenure

June 29, 2022 The Ohio University Board of Trustees voted in June to award promotion to 25 College of Arts and Sciences faculty member

22 College of Arts and Sciences professors awarded faculty fellowship during 2022-23

June 15, 2022 The Ohio University Board of Trustees has approved 22 College of Arts and Sciences faculty members for faculty fellowship leave during the 2022-23 academic year.

Can they make graphite from coal? OHIO researchers start by finding new carbon solid

June 10, 2022 As the world's appetite for carbon-based materials like graphite increases, Ohio University researchers presented evidence this week for a new carbon solid they named "amorphous graphite."

OHIO observatory invites public to view total lunar eclipse on May 15

May 11, 2022 The Ohio University Observatory starts the summer with a special viewing session during the total lunar eclipse on Sunday, May 15, from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Ohio University and Intel: Past, present and future

March 23, 2022 Since the inception of Intel, founded in 1969, Ohio University graduates have been critical to the evolution of innovative ideas in microprocessing and semiconducting for the company.

Spring 2022 Public Telescope Nights set for March, April and May

March 2, 2022 Visitors may see Lunar craters, Saturn’s rings, Jupiter, Mars, star clusters, or distant galaxies, depending on the time of year and sky conditions.

Zach Meisel anticipates new answers on how the elements of the universe were made

January 27, 2022 Astrophysicist Zach Meisel, Ph.D., is part of an international team of pioneers whose goal is to solve some of the mysteries about stars and stellar burning at the elemental level.

Govorov, Berlin collaborators set out to harness nanostructures for energy and sensing

November 29, 2021 Dr. Alexander Govorov, is teaming up with collaborators at the home of the world's first supercomputer to apply the best specialized software in the world to compute complex nanostructures.

Ohio University names five outstanding Presidential Research Scholars

November 9, 2021 Ohio University named five professors from physics, engineering, communications and business as its 2021-22 Presidential Research Scholars.

Madappa Prakash awarded most prestigious prize in nuclear astrophysics

October 21, 2021 The American Physical Society awarded Dr. Prakash the 2022 Hans A. Bethe Prize, the most prestigious prize in the field of nuclear astrophysics, for his research about neutron stars and black holes.