Stories tagged with: Department of Classics and Religious Studies

Students, faculty set out to uncover once-thriving Civil War-era African American settlement

April 14, 2022 All that’s left of Payne’s Crossing, an African American settlement dating back to the 1800s, is remnants of the cemetery? Actually, there’s a lot more to discover about this once-thriving settlement

OHIO professor and alumna team up to study fringe religious groups and 'cult films'

February 15, 2022 An Ohio University alumna filmmaker and a religious studies professor teamed up to edit a special journal issue on "cult films," as told through interviews with scholars and filmmakers.

Loren Lybarger and colleagues examine how remembering Argentina state terror drives demands for justice today

February 1, 2022 A new book by Loren Lybarger and two colleagues examines how remembering this tragic past can help people mobilize for justice in the present.

CT scans, 3D printing bring ancient artifacts to life

February 13, 2020 A new project at Ohio University is using high-tech tools to bring ancient artifacts into the digital age—and into the hands of students and the general public.

Notable Alumni | Grace Eberly Works at the Intersection of Religion and Healthcare

October 7, 2019 Grace Eberly combined her love of world religions with an aptitude for biology. Now she’s in her final year as a medical student at OHIO’s Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine.